JOB: Researcher, ERRC Budapest, Hungary, DL 16.08

Posted on: Iulie 24, 2010


Position Title: Researcher
Reports to: Coordinator of Research and Advocacy

Purpose of the position: The Researcher is responsible for the
development and implementation of research and advocacy work in
relation to ERRC strategic priorities, by providing human rights
research knowledge and know-how, strong analysis and effective
communication skills.

Areas of Responsibility: Split focus (50/50% of time) – women’s rights
across Europe and general human rights focus in several countries to
be determined,
In consultation with the Coordinator of Research and Advocacy, and in
accordance with the thematic and country focus of this position:

   1.  Organise and participate in desk and field research on human
rights developments pertaining to Roma, consisting of fact-finding and
analysis, including in rapid response to emergencies;
   2. Provide timely, accurate and impartial assessment of the human
rights situation of Roma;
   3. Develop and maintain effective relations with colleagues and
external contacts and partners including Romani representatives, other
human rights activists and civil society representatives, researchers,
governmental and inter-governmental representatives, service providers
and lawyers;
   4. Write reports, advocacy submissions, letters of concern and
other materials for internal use and publication and provide input
into materials produced by colleagues;
   5. Effectively store and share information and research works
within the programmes and legal departments;
   6. Stay abreast of international and domestic advocacy
opportunities and provide input on which meetings and opportunities
the ERRC should seize;
   7.  Represent the ERRC externally with civil society organisations,
governmental and inter-governmental bodies, social, political and
other actors, and communicate ERRC positions;
   8. Establish individual work plans and monitor progress;
   9. Undertake necessary administrative tasks for own work;
  10. Contribute to the Roma Rights journal and other ERRC
communications tools, as appropriate;
  11. Help implement ERRC training programmes, as necessary;
  12. Collaborate with ERRC interns and contribute to their learning
and development; and
  13. Other tasks as requested.

Required experience and skills:

    * University degree in human rights, gender studies, social
sciences or a related field;
    * At least two years experience conducting desk and field research
on human rights, women’s rights or related issues;
    * Experience writing research and advocacy reports and other materials;
    * Significant experience living and working in Romani communities
is desirable;
    * Advocacy or campaigning experience at local level is a plus;
    * Strong English language skills required; knowledge of Russian,
Italian, Romanian and/or Romani preferred;
    *Strong, clear oral communication skills; ability to represent
effectively ERRC positions in public;
    *Understanding and sensitivity in dealing with different people
and groups including survivors of human rights violations;
    * Strong team player; ability to work independently;
    * Attentive to deadlines, flexible and able to deal with high workload;
    * Willingness to travel for work, either alone or with colleagues;
    * Demonstrated commitment to the promotion of Roma rights;
    * Proven ability to work in a diverse team.

Remuneration: Based at the ERRC office in Budapest, the remuneration
level for this full time position shall be commensurate with
experience, ranging between 24,000 – 27,000 EUR gross per year
(payable in Hungarian forints). In accordance with the annual budget
approved by the board of directors, ERRC employees are provided fringe
benefits and access to a professional development fund.   Expected
start date: The successful applicant is expected to start no later
than the end of September 2010.

How to apply:   Qualified candidates should send the following
application materials; persons submitting incomplete application
packages will not be considered for the position:

      Maximum 500 word letter of interest
      Detailed CV in English;
      Contact details for two present or former employers (reference
should be from immediate supervisor) and one other relevant referee;
      An unedited English-language writing sample by the applicant
(preferably human rights focused).

Submit to: Dora Eke – ERRC Researcher Search
Fax: +36.1.413.2201

Application deadline: 16:00 on 16 August 2010. Applications received
after this date will not be considered. Short-listed applicants will
be notified within three weeks of the deadline; applicants who are not
shortlisted will not be contacted.   The ERRC is committed to equal
opportunity for all. Romani candidates are particularly encouraged to
apply for this position.   The European Roma Rights Centre is an
international public interest law organisation which monitors the
human rights situation of Roma and provides legal defence in cases of
human rights abuse. For more information about the European Roma
Rights Centre, visit the ERRC on the web at:

To support the ERRC, please visit this link:
European Roma Rights Centre
1016 Budapest
Naphegy ter 8
Fax: +36.1.413.2201

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