JOB: Teacher of English as a 2nd Language, AUCA, Kyrgyzstan

Posted on: Iunie 22, 2010

merican University in Central Asia (AUCA)
Teacher of English as a Second Language and
Assistant Director on Faculty of College Preparatory Program

AUCA has an opening, based in Kyrgyzstan, for a curriculum expert and
experienced teacher of English as a Second Language to join its
College Preparatory Program faculty, as an Assistant Director and
teacher, as part of a grant that is funded by the Open Society
Institute. Some knowledge of Russian is useful, but not essential.
Working closely with the Director of the Program, his or her
responsibilities will include reviewing the curriculum; introducing
and modeling teaching methodologies; choosing appropriate texts; and
identifying overseas development experiences for teachers. The AUCA
College Preparatory Program is a unique one-year experience of
intensive preparation for high school graduates who wish to gain
admission to AUCA or other international universit
ies where the chief
language of instruction is English. The program currently enrolls
students from the Central Asian countries of Afghanistan, Kazakstan,
Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan, as well as China
and South Korea. Please e-mail letter of introduction, curriculum
vitae, and list of three references to the Vice President for Academic
Affairs – c/o

(sursa: Central-Eurasia-L mailing list)

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