[DL 15 iunie]: Call for Aplicants: Seminar „Future Perspectives of the Region”, Belgrade, Serbia

Posted on: Iunie 14, 2010

Future Perspectives of the Region
July 4th │ 8th, Belgrade, Serbia
Come to Belgrade meet the Region
Call for Applicants

„Future Perspectives of the Region” is an intensive, five-day seminar that is open to twenty young people from ex-Yugoslav countries
(including Kosovo), university students, enrolled in first or second year, majoring in social sciences and humanities. Youth Education
Committeeis a non-governmental organization seated in Belgrade. It aims at compensating for the critical gaps made within the system of
formal education: this system contributes to the authoritarian society and obstructs development of critical thinking. Therefore the
organization strives to provide the youth in Serbia proper informal education, as well as to address long-term analysis of the formal,
evaluate changes and give recommendations to the institutions responsible.

The goal of the Youth Education Committee is to equip young people with enough knowledge and skills to ensure their active
role in society. Members of the Youth Education Committeeare young and skillful enthusiastsАавтТаТ╣ university students who are determined to
invest their time, knowledge and energy into making a greater future. Regardless of their political and social background, they are united
in struggle for freedom, democracy and human rights.

The seminar will be held in Belgrade, July 4th-8th, the first and the last date named being the arrival and departure date. Selected
participants will be granted a scholarshipto cover the expenses of the program, accommodation, food and public transportation. Travel costs
to and from Belgrade will be reimbursed according to the YECА internal policy. The idea of this seminaris to encourage multi-perspective
discussions on topics relevant to the future of the entire area of former Yugoslavia. We think that the exchange of experiences between
young people from neighboring countries, which are all at different stages of transition, could help form new ideas and overcome conflicts
from the past. Our belief is that only in this way peaceful development of the region will be possible.

The curriculum consists of three core topics: EU Integration, concept of NATO and process of Dealing with the past.Thorough selection
process will be conducted based on applicantsАавтТаТ╣ interest in these subjects and their knowledge about them. Selected participants
will attend lectures and visit different types of institutions (government, embassies, universities, NGOs). In the afternoon debates
will be organized with the idea to exchange thoughts and work-out the solutions for the problems in Balkans. Also, participants will be
introduced to the sights of Belgrade and its night life. All successful participants will be issued a certificate.
Program lecturersand moderatorsare well educated experts drawn from diplomacy, governmental institutions, universities and
non-governmental organizations.

Application formas well as any additional information can be requested by If you perceive the program as a valuable
education opportunity, fill the form out and submit it to the e-mail address. Note: Application forms are to be sent to no later than June 15 2010 by 1700 hrs. Application forms sent after the specified deadline will not be
considered. Note: Information package with the precise program details and materials will be given only to the selected participants. Note:
Working language – ENGLISH

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