CfA: Nanyang Fellows Programme – elite MBA studies

Posted on: Aprilie 5, 2010

The Nanyang Fellows Programme is crafted specially for those preparing
for the pinnacle of leadership in their organisations. Here is the
typical Nanyang Fellow profile:

Capable and highly-talented mid-career executive (mostly in their
mid-30s or early 40s)
Has at least 8 years of management or senior professional experience
Personally endorsed by their CEO (or equivalent)
Fully or partially sponsored by their organizations
From ASEAN, Asia or other parts of the world

The Nanyang Fellows Programme was launched in 1998 by Dr Tony Tan.
Since then courses are conducted annually with an optimum cohort of
around 20-30 students. The small size enhances learning and
interaction on a personal level.

In this 12-month full-time programme, the Nanyang Fellow will spend ten and a half months at the Nanyang Business School in Singapore, three weeks at MIT’s Sloan School of Management in Boston and two weeks in Wharton, University of Pennsylvania. The programme also includes a compulsory Business Study Mission (BSM) in a carefully selected country around the world.

The programme also includes a Leadership Seminar Series where you will
gain privileged insights from the experiences of top business and
government leaders through closed-door dialogues. Why should I pursue
this programme? The Nanyang Fellows Programme is a highly prestigious
and first-rate MBA programme. The programme will be suited for you if
you have strong talent and leadership potential that makes you stand
out in your organization.

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