Mitrovica Winter University (MWU) – 2010

Posted on: Noiembrie 5, 2009

The Mitrovica Winter University will be held between 23rd January and 5th February 2010. Continuing with the original format, the program for MWU 2010 will bring together local and international professors and students, providing an opportunity to learn and share experiences. During the Mitrovica Winter University 2010 six courses will take place on the following topics:

 1.  Environmental protection

2.  Economy / Entrepreneurship

3.  Peace Building / Conflict Studies / Diplomacy

4.  Comparative study of Balkan Countries and EU Integration

5.  Cultural Heritage

6.  Web Design

 All courses will be taught by local and international professors and will be in English. Successful participants will gain an official Certificate of the Mitrovica Winter University which includes between 3 and 4 ECTS credits.

 The two-week courses are organized together with cultural excursions and a recreational program. In addition, public discussions, lectures and other interactive events on prominent issues in society will take place. Therefore, the MWU offers you a unique opportunity to expand your academic knowledge and skills in different fields of study, while enjoying an exciting international atmosphere.

Lectures and classes are free for all students. Participants who study in Mitrovica and students from South East Europe can apply for a scholarship, which covers accommodation and food. In addition, they will receive a one-time stipend covering their travel costs. International students from Western Europe and beyond are welcome to participate, but have to cover the cost of participation, i.e. travel, accommodation and food, themselves. However, they will not be charged a tuition fee. For these participants, accommodation is provided at a modest price for the entire duration of the MWU (approximately €140,-)

 How to apply?

 Enthusiastic students who would like to participate in MWU 2010 are invited to apply online at  Please note that the deadline for application for EU/SEE students is on the 20th of November 2009, so we urge you to apply as soon as possible. The deadline for Mitrovica students is on the 24th of November 2009.  

 For more information concerning the program or the application process, please visit and  or contact Dragoljub Stasic at

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