Esti student? Participa la Discovery Management Program!

Posted on: Aprilie 14, 2009

Discovery Management Program – este un program care m-a influentat foarte mult. Am participat in ultimul an de facultate si am fost impresionata.

Daca esti student, te invit sa participi, sa iei parte la o experienta deosebita gratie profesorilor minunati din program si continutului interesant al programului.


7-15 iulie 2009

The Discover Management Program is an intensive nine-day seminar which requires no previous management background. The program is designed for young graduates and students in their final years of study who would like to take a journey through all major aspects of management practice before starting their professional career. An important objective is to share experiences with colleagues from all over the world.



This Program differs from other offerings in the following improtant respects:

  • highly practical, intensive and experiental learning
  • taught by world class faculty
  • covering broad range of subjects, representing real life in a company
  • diverse and international



The Discover Management Program offers you the following distinct benefits:

  • a second “leg” to complement your university specialization
  • advancing your career faster
  • creating a new personal network
  • opening new opportunities in management
  • giving you a broad understanding of what business is all about



You can find the program brochure at: 


Download the program application:

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