Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

Posted on: Februarie 23, 2009

Young European entrepreneurs will be able to spend up to six months
working with an experienced entrepreneur in another EU country and
learn how to better manage and grow their own business.
This is the concept of „Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs” , a new
exchange programme financed by the European Union and launched today in all the 27 Member States. The programme aims at stimulating entrepreneurship, competitiveness, internationalisatio n and
growth of start-ups and established small and medium enterprises
(SMEs) through the transfer of know-how between experienced entrepreneurs and new entrepreneurs.

„Like the successful Erasmus programme for students, Erasmus for
Young Entrepreneurs aims at strengthening the links and understanding between citizens of different EU countries. In addition, it
will foster the entrepreneurial spirit in Europe and contribute to
more and stronger enterprises � a crucial asset in the fight against the current economic crisis,” said Maive Rute, Director for
Promotion of SMEs’ competitiveness, European Commission.
Who is the programme for? Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is intended for New Entrepreneurs and Host Entrepreneurs. A New Entrepreneur (NE) is someone who is firmly planning to set up his/her own business or has already started a business within the last three years. Host Entrepreneurs (HE) should be experienced businesspeople who own or manage an SME in the EU. NEs’ and HEs’ business can be in any sector of activity. NEs will gain experience from shadowing the senior host entrepreneur, while at the same time contributing to his/her business through their work, new ideas and fresh views.

For further information:
Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Support Office
Avenue des Arts, 19 A/D � B-1000 Brussels, Belgium
Tel: +32 2 282 08 73 � Fax: +32 2 280 01 91
support@erasmus- entrepreneurs. eu
http://www.erasmus- entrepreneurs. eu/

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1 Response to "Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs"

This would be very helpful to young entrepreneurs. Wish I had the same exchange program before, and gain wisdom from experienced entrepreneurs.

Check out The YES movie at Created by Louis Lautman, featuring stories of successful entrepreneurs we could learn from.

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