CEEMAN, Program Management Seminar 2009, 4-6 martie

Posted on: Octombrie 12, 2008

Background and objectives

Today, managers of educational programs face greater and greater challenges. To meet the needs of their increasingly sophisticated students, many public, private and corporate schools have turned their attention to improving the planning, marketing, and delivery of their programs. The world’s best programs are noted for their superior program execution, high levels of customer satisfaction and on-going program improvements.

This seminar is designed for Program Managers responsible for the design, marketing, and execution of degree, open enrolment, or in-company programs in their institutions.

Program structure
The Program Management Seminar is an intensive and highly interactive three-day program designed to make Program Managers more effective in handling their increasingly demanding and complex responsibilities. Class sessions include briefings by experts, group discussions, and case analyses of problems faced by Program Managers.

Program faculty includes a high-profile team of experienced practitioners of business education: Don Nightingale (Queen’s School of Business, Canada), Mike Page and Dianne Bevelander (Rotterdam School of Management, the Netherlands), Amy Armstrong (Ashridge, UK), and Danica Purg (IEDC-Bled School of Management, Slovenia).

Program content
Topics to be covered include:
• The role of the Program Manager in program delivery;
• Building a positive learning environment;
• Understanding target markets;
• Delivering high levels of customer satisfaction;
• How do decide on marketing investments to increase enrolments;
• Call management and admissions systems;
• Post-program activities;
• Managing alumni relations;
• Managing the performance of program staff;
• Hiring program management staff;
• Dealing with difficult participants;
• Managing faculty;
• Handling ethical dilemmas in the program manager role.

(includes materials, coffee breaks, lunches, and dinners)
• €700+20%VAT for CEEMAN institutional members
• €770+20%VAT for exchange and individual members
• €900+20%VAT for non-members

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