Bursa One Year MBA la IEDC Bled School of Management

Posted on: Septembrie 8, 2008


Navigand cum fac eu din cand in cand pe, am descoperit o stire minunata: IEDC ofera bursa de 50% din taxele de scolarizare ale programului One Year MBA.

Mai multe detalii mai jos:

IEDC-Bled School of Management is proud to announce its Executive MBA Scholarship Campaign of 2008. Open to all qualifying candidates, the campaign offers five scholarships for 50% off the tuition fees for the 2009 One-Year MBA Program with a value of 11 500 Euro per person.

The One-Year MBA Program, which starts on January 18th, 2009, brings together the best educators in the world with the most promising managers in the region to prepare you to successfully manage business in a fast-changing international environment. The Scholarship Campaign 2008 is designed to help you move your career forward by joining our One-Year Executive MBA class of 2009.

Do I qualify for a scholarship?

Executive MBA Scholarship Campaign 2008 is open to qualifying candidates only. To qualify, make sure that:
  • You are a citizen of Albanija, Armenija, Belarus, BiH, Chech Republic, China, Georgia, India, Kazahstan, Kosovo, Moldova, Montengro, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Serbia, or Slovakia. If you are NOT a citizen of the countries listed, but have a proven history of excellence and achievement, click here to learn how to apply and be considered for a scholarship.
  • You have a minimum 3 years of meaningful work experience
  • You are proficiency in written and spoken English

  • You have bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • You have completed the application form

  • You have 2 letters of recommendation

  • You have written a one-page essay answering a question “Why should I receive an IEDC scholarship?”, and
  • You have submitted your application form, letters of recommendation, and the scholarship essay by September 29, 2008

Application Process

The application is evaluated according to a range of criteria which include your work experience and professional performance, academic records, proficiency in English, professional recommendations, content of your scholarship essay, evidence of an international outlook, strong motivation, and demonstrated leadership potential.

All applicants who fulfill the formal criteria for admission and scholarships will be invited for an interview.

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