Studiu: Human resource management: managerial efficacy in Recruiting and Retaining Teachers – National Implications

Posted on: Iulie 25, 2008

The Lamar University Electronic Journal of Student Research – Summer 2007

Human resource management: managerial efficacy in Recruiting and Retaining Teachers – National Implications.


Iata cateva idei expuse in aceasta lucrare:


Purpose of the Article

The purpose of this article is to discuss managerial efficacy in recruiting and retaining teachers. Recruitment provides an opportunity to select from a pool of qualified applicants. Human Resource Management is responsible for designing a plan for employee retention. Treating all employees with dignity and respect is the key in retaining employees. The objective of human resource management is to help an organization meet strategic goals by attracting and maintaining employees, and also to manage them effectively. The ten recommendations noted in this essay will help an organization fulfill this objective.


According to Antaya (2005), research demonstrates that people don’t start looking for new jobs because of money. They change jobs to work for companies that make them feel valuable, offering the opportunity for empowerment, career and personal growth, and the development of new skills. Employees should be shown that you care about them. Bonuses can be rewarded for good service. Handwritten notes can express appreciation. Employees’ should have the opportunity to attend workshops, conferences, and conventions. Employees can also be rewarded with special lunches and dinners. Studies have shown that higher employee satisfaction leads to increased customer satisfaction.


Concluding Remarks

In conclusion, the ultimate goal of Human Resource Management is ensuring that the organization attract and retain qualified employees who are committed to the vision. Human Resource Management creates an alignment between an organization’s strategy and the objectives of the organization. Recruitment allows the opportunity to select from a pool of qualified applicants. Efforts to retain an employee should start the minute and employee steps in the door. Human Resource Management should be knowledgeable of the ten recommendations that were noted in the essay: effective leadership, employee retention, hiring standards, diversity, benefits, mentoring, professional development, professional learning communities, organizational climate, and performance evaluation. The recommendations will enhance the effectiveness of Human Resource Management in recruiting and retaining teachers.


In speranta ca v-am starnit curiozitatea va invit online sa cautati acest studiu.

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